What is Paleo

What is Paleo? 

You’ve heard it before – Paleo is not a diet  – it’s a lifestyle!
And it’s true.
At it’s heart, Paleo is a clear, easy to follow template that guides you on what to eat and how to thrive in our modern world.
It’s a starting point to make positive, long-term changes to your heath and well being.

What do you eat?

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Paleo is a Low Carb, sometimes Ketogenic style of eating that focus on whole, fresh fruits & vegetables, moderate meat consumption along with eggs, nuts, seed and good fats & oils.
It avoids grains (especially gluten containing grains), sugar, industrial seed oils,  processed foods, dairy and legumes.
Certain foods can have have a negative impact on your health and you might not even notice it.
Symptoms such as:
  • brain fog
  • low energy
  • depression & anxiety
  • joint & muscle pain
  • seasonal allergies
  • bloating
  • acne
  • inability to loose weight

or just plain feeling old can often be can eliminated by changing what we eat.

It’s that easy!
As we are all individual some people find they can add back in some Legumes, Full Fat Dairy and White Rice.
It depends on your health and your level of tolerance.
Are Paleo and Primal the same thing? 
You’ll often find the terms Paleo & Primal interchangeable. The main difference is that Primal recommends Full Fat Dairy in moderation, if tolerated. And so do we!
Other therms you might hear include Bulletproof, Whole 30, LCHF, Ketogenic (Keto) & Autoimmune Paleo.
Don’t worry – we are all on the same team! This is just one way in which Paleo can be specifically tailored for you.
Primal Blueprint founder, and our mentor, Mark Sisson says it all in this simple info-graphic.